Fic: While We Sleep

Title: While We Sleep
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,627
Summary: From the time their Dad dies Joe decides he will be Zach's protector. Over the years it develops into something more.
Pairings: Joe/Zach
Warnings: Brief mention of parental abuse and Joe/OFC.
Disclaimer: This is clearly not true.
Author's Note: This is unbeta'd and I suck at all forms of grammar, so please excuse the mess.

While We Sleep

Fic: Heat, NC-17

Title: Heat
Pairing: Zach/Joe
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Around 500 or so
Disclaimer: This is not true, I don't know these men, I just like to look at them a whole bunch.
Summary: Joe begs Zach to top, Zach obliges ;)
A/N: This was written for karaokegal's Annual Come As You're Not Halloween Party and my costume was a sexy little incestuous number featuring The Brow Brothers. This is my first time at this pairing and I blame the interest on and hereby dedicate this fic to my gorgeous fandom wife filthgoblin who I heart like mad woah. For realsies.

Come over to my lj, the boys would like you to...
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The Quincest Kink Meme

Okay guys. I asked if you wanted it, and some of you said that you did. So here it is.

The Quincest Kink Meme

What is it?

In case anyone hasn't frequented a kink meme before, it's pretty straightforward. The gloves are off, as are the IP logging and the need to log in to post.

Post a comment with a prompt and/or a kink and someone will come along and hopefully take inspiration from it to fill your kinky wish. Fic created for the prompts can be anonymous too, or you can decloak if you wish. It's entirely up to you.

Feel free to cross-post to the st_rpf_kink meme, but if you get a fill there, a link to here would be appreciated too :)


1). Please be respectful of other people's kinks.

Er, that's it.

Any kind of fic is allowed. Many kink memes discourage nonexplicit fic, but if fluff is your kink, it's welcome here. Domestic fic? Don't hold back! Hardcore nasty? Experimental? Downright freaky? Bring it on.

All comers are welcome as long as your abide by rule number 1.

So go forth and make us some prompts, lovely people. Your Quincesters need you!
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(no subject)

Running a little late this week, my apologies. Better late than never, I bring you

The Weekly Prompt Challenge!

Listed below are six prompts, in varying degrees of specificity. There are no restrictions - responses can be in any medium that takes your fancy, as big or small as you like. The only rule is stick within the prompt. You don't have to answer directly in this thread, but a link to the post in the comments would be very helpful.

"What about mom?"

Skinny jeans

A catholic upbringing had a lot to answer for


"Why didn't you do it?!"

The problem is, he just can't wait.

Looking forward to seeing anything that you lovely folks can come up with :)
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*clears throat* ANNOUNCEMENTS!

I've been doing some admin, making some changes, updating and generally flicking my feather duster around. terraswrath and I have been having a chat, and as a result I've made some changes to the community.

Firstly, I've been trawling the trek_rpf_kink meme in a dirty mac and a lecherous leer and hit upon a whole host of Chris/Zach/Joe dirty filth that, if you've not already seen, might be Relevant To Your Interests. You can find the list of links in this comment in the Kink Meme Fic Masterlist, which you can also find in the sidebar if you ever need it.

After said discussion with terraswrath, I've changed the comment defaults for the community so you can now comment anonymously if you'd rather. Which leads me on to the next point.

We're a pretty small and select bunch, but wondered if there would be any interest in a kink meme? I don't intend to usurp trek_rpf_kink, but there is a LOT of stuff there and something smaller and more manageable might inspire people who've not yet written for the comm to give it a go.

Any thoughts would be most welcome. Come forth and discuss. Anonymously, if you like!

Thank you kindly :)
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(no subject)

Title: Composition
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,055
Disclaimer: I know this didn't really happen and it is not my intention to imply that it did. No offence intended, no money made.
Summary: What really happened in Providenciales.
Writer's notes: Taken from the prompt in this week's challenge from terraswrath of the same name as the summary. Unbeta'd, so all mistakes are my own.

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Weekly Prompt Challenge

Following up terraswrath's first batch of prompts last week, she's handed the mantle to me to come up with a fresh set for this week. So without further ado, I give you:

The Weekly Prompt Challenge!

Listed below are six prompts, in varying degrees of specificity. There are no restrictions - responses can be in any medium that takes your fancy [*is secretly hoping for fanart*], as big or small as they come. Alls we ask is you stick within the prompt. You don't have to answer directly in this thread, but a link to the post in the comments would be very helpful.


"I've never told anyone this before"

A walk on the beach

Lying alone in the hospital

Trying to get close to him is like getting into a locked house with no keys

Making up

Hope you find inspiration from the prompts. There will be a post next Friday to collect together any of your creative imaginings.

Happy weekend!
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Prompt challenge roundup

After terraswrath provided us with some great prompts last week, we had two ficlets provided by two different writers for your reading pleasure. Here they are, in case you missed them. Go! Read! Enjoy!

Subtle Seduction, written by sleepygoof8784 for the prompt 'A mid-morning coffee break in downtown LA'

Secrets and Lies, written by filthgoblin for the prompt 'Joe's assistant keeps more secrets than she lets on'

More prompts will follow this evening at approximately 2000hrs GMT. Here's hoping for a new batch of great fic as a result. Who knows? We might even inspire someone to commit fanart to paper, or something else equally awesome :)
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Ten more ficlets

joanne_c's random iPod-generated ficlets were just wonderful, and the idea of the meme left me inspired. So have another ten.

Title: Ten ficlets
Pairing: Zach/Joe (minor OC pairing)
Rating: From PG to R
Length: Just shy of 2,000 in total, individually between 76 and 245. Most are around 200 words.
Disclaimer: These are works of fiction. No offence meant. No reality implied.
Writer's notes: I put my iPod on shuffle. This is what it gave me. Unbeta'd and pretty much unedited, so any and all mistakes are my own.

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